Monday, January 22, 2018

Modelling the T-28 Trojan in 1:72nd scale

Aircraft Modelling How To's - Modelling the T-28 Trojan

An aircraft with a long and varied history, the T-28 has nonetheless only been produced as an injection-moulded kit in 1:72nd scale by one manufacturer - Heller, Although the resulting model is a reasonably good approximation of the original, the kit represents a French-operated Fennec. Originally released a number of years ago, like several other of Heller's smaller aircraft models the kit was recently re-released and is currently listed in the manufacturer's 1994 catalogue. It includes two markings options, one for a French-operated Fennec and the other for an aircraft in South Vietnamese Air Force markings. The kit mouldings are actually all Fennec, and feature the large air intake just ahead of the windscreen plus the rollover frame between the two cockpits that were hallmarks of this version, in addition to underwing pylons including the huge mounting near the main undercarriage bays - although no gun pods are included in the kit to put onto this big inner pylon!

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