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Scale Model Airplanes - Buying and Assembling Scale Models

A scale model is actually a copy or a representation of an item or object that is smaller or larger as compared to its actual or original size. Mostly, it is a smaller representation and serves as a guide to the original object. Scale model airplanes are an archetypal example. There are many reasons why a scale model is made. It serves as a prototype and is used to test the performance of the object in its initial developmental stages. Architects use them as a display model for customers to evaluate and purchase the real object. Salesmen use them for the purpose of new product promotion.

Wood, plastic and paper are generally used to create a scale model. Scale model airplanes are of two types: static and flying. The former is generally made of plastic. However, metal, paper and wood also make good models. Military aircraft and commercial airliners are the most common scale models in this type. The number of manufacturers of the static type has dwindled today as compared to the 1970s and the popular scales are 1:144, 1:72 (the highest), 1:48, 1:32 and finally 1:24.

Static aircraft modelling includes kit assembly, scratch building and finally a collection or repertoire of ready-made models. When it comes to craftsmanship and skill, scratch building deserves the highest repute. Accuracy and keenness to details are important skills here and scratch builders take more time than kit assemblers. Kit assemblers could either assemble from the materials available in the box or make use of additional items purchased to render functionality and dimension to the airplane. Collectors on the other hand, focus on the issue of theme and not on personal construction.

Flying scale models or 'aeromodelling' could either be free flight or control line or radio controlled. They are actually a realistic representation of a full blown airplane. They can either be built from kits or from scratch. Some of these kits take a long time to assemble and some are ready to fly or almost ready. Scale modeling of airplanes has grown from a business perspective to a hobby. Although, some people are not inclined towards this area of interest, there are many who are passionate about assembling model airplanes.

The assembler must possess a lot of patience, artistic ability and creativity and also, more importantly, have an inherent interest in airplanes and modeling them. The golden rule before assembling is to do ample research on the original aircraft. Model kit references like photos, documentation, markings, details, color scheme, pilot and modifications must be considered along with the list of items required like glue, paint, thinner, decal setting solution etc. Instructions must be carefully read through and the sequence followed as prescribed.

Although some effects are quite complex to achieve in the first instance, some amount of time and practice help in mastering these techniques. Capturing the feel of a renowned aircraft in a smaller form is both exciting and rewarding. Some popular kits brands of scale model airplanes include Plantraco Microflight RC, Megatech, Ikarus etc.

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